What should an aged care nurse own?

Being an aged care nurse is quite demanding whether you have been in the job for several years or just joined the speciality. The profession requires a high level of preparation and training. Anything can happen when on a shift and the only way to respond appropriately is by having the right nursing gear with you always. There are a couple of things that each nurse must have in their starter pack. Here is a list of seven things every aged care nurse should own.


This is probably one of the most important instruments every nurse should own. Most hospitals and health facilities consider it as a requirement before you join their team of nurses. With a stethoscope, a nurse can listen to and assess some of the basic physiological body responses such as heartbeat and lung function just to mention a few. As much as having a stethoscope is important, it is good to keep in mind that not all stethoscopes work the same way. Some are more powerful than others and therefore work better. It is recommended to go for a brand that is trusted in the medical field.


After performing a medical examination on a patient, it is important to jot down a few notes that may help the doctor when coming up with care plans. In some instances, a notepad can also come in handy when getting a briefing from a doctor. We all know how busy and fast-paced things are at an aged care facility, so writing the key points down will help you to not forget important information.

Hand Lotion

When you are a nurse, washing your hands every few seconds is inevitable. After being on call for several hours, chances are you will have washed your hands over twenty times. This constant washing of hands can impact on your skin negatively. As several chemical substances are used when disinfecting the hands, the skin on your hands may suffer from dehydration. It is, therefore, a good idea to have a hand cream that you can apply from time to time to reverse this drying effect.

Proper uniform

Uniforms are among the things that identify you as a medical practitioner. When buying your uniform, ensure that you go for one that has very large pockets. This will give you room to keep some of your nursing tools.

Comfy Shoes

Most shifts run for long hours and the probability that you will be on your feet most of the time is close to one hundred per cent. To keep up with the high demands of an aged care facility it is good to have shoes that don’t hurt or strain your feet and that you won’t slip in. This will allow you to work for long hours and still leave work without suffering from sore feet.

Pair of nursing scissors

Having a pair of scissors in your nursing kit can also come handy in instances where you need to cut through a patient’s bandage dressing. Since the dressings are sealed very tightly, a pair of scissors will make the undressing much easier. Scissors can also be used when dealing with an accident. While fall prevention is a priority, falls can still occur. Scissors may be needed when someone is unconscious and is unable to expose a certain area of the skin that needs to be attended to. With the scissors, you can cut through clothing, allowing you to perform the procedure that needs to be done.

Reference Manual

To offer patients the best medical care, it is a good idea to consult a trusted medical manual. This may include books having instructions on how to handle some of the common medical conditions that patients suffer from.