Pain relief for overworked muscles

Everyone has gone through the sore muscles after overworking scenario more than once in their lifetime. You may have climbed all those stairs, pushed yourself further at the gym or went and did all the weeding once spring arrived. Not long after your muscles feel tight and sore, and you feel like everything you move hurts.
The researches are not sure what causes the muscle soreness, but theories are that it comes from the microscopic tears that occur in your muscles along with the inflammation that happens after an injury. Time to take your soreness as a signal that you may have overdone it. Carrying out some gentle exercise is good for you. Still, you need to make sure you are not overdoing it when your body is already vulnerable to injuries.
Follow these tips that can help you get some instant relief from sore and overworked muscles:

Using ibuprofen

You can treat overworked muscles with ibuprofen. It is best to take between 400 and 600mg or 225 mg of aleve during the day. These pain relievers work to reduce your inflammation, therefore, relieving the pain.

Massaging your sore muscles using essential oils

You can add drops of rosemary, lavender, ginger, calendula oil to 25ml of carrier oil and rub into the area of the sore muscles. The oil works to enhance the effects of the massage by increasing your blood flow to the painful area while removing toxins and aiding at reducing the pain. It is also best recommended for one to use magnesium oils and sprays for sore muscles.

Using a sports cream

After having a massage to ease the muscles and loosen them up consider rubbing in a sports cream. Tiger cream is more of a natural product. Sports creams are thick and will stay on longer to continuously ease your muscle pain.

Muscle pain


It may sound silly, but exercising can help. Studies have proven that doing gentle exercise and stretches can help to relieve your muscle pain as long as you know your limits and don’t overdo it. It is best if you steer clear of exercise that consists of using the sore muscles. If you have sore arms from weightlifting, then consider going for a brisk walk.

Homeopathic remedy

One homeopathic remedy that has been studied for its ability to lower inflammation and pain is Arnica. Be sure to follow the package directions and take between every fifteen to thirty minutes within the first two hours of exertion. You will then need to follow on for once an hour for eight hours.

Take a warm bath

Ideally, you should spend around 30 minutes in a jetted or whirlpool tub. If you only have a home bathtub then add 1 cup of dead sea salts or Epsom salts with a few drops of ginger, calendula, rosemary and lavender.

Is it a good sign to have sore muscles?

Well, that depends. Soreness that occurs within the first seventy-two hours is quite normal, but any soreness that extends past the five-day mark may be a sign of damage. Gradually increasing how intense your workouts or workloads are will help you to reduce the risk of having an injury.
Ensure you check with your doctor about the treatment that you want to undertake to ensure that nothing will interfere with any current medical conditions and medications that you may be taking. You can also consider taking supplements to help recover from sore muscles or muscle pain such as magnesium tablets, vitamins, electrolytes, etc.