Magnesium bath salts during isolation

The COVID-19 pandemic has created two things we are familiar with now, which is social distancing and self-quarantine.
Scientists are working on vaccines, but in the meantime, we could consider a holistic approach and go for the old health remedies, good hygiene and creating a strong immune system

The coronavirus transmits via respiratory droplets that are transferred from sneezing or coughing, through person to person contact and through contaminated surfaces. Your immune system plays a huge responsibility in how well you are going to fight the infection. If you have a compromised immune system due to environmental/genetic reasons or you are elderly, the immune system often goes into overdrive which can lead to, too many immune cells flooding the lungs.

Did you know that magnesium bath salts can help you to get your daily magnesium which can help to support you in these harsh times?

  • Magnesium helps to strengthen the immune system: That’s right magnesium is a micronutrient that helps to keep the immune system regulated. It helps to increase the activity of the antibodies formation and makes the cells become more active in protecting themselves from the bacterial, microbial and viral attacks.
  • Magnesium aids in a restful sleep: Sleep is certainly not a cure for the virus, but it can give your immune system a lift that can help to fight the virus. Sleep that is restful and deep is vital to maintaining good health. If you are not getting proper sleep, your body will start to make fewer cytokines which are produced and released during your sleeping period. If you are skimping on good sleep, then you are getting a double whammy. Magnesium helps to restore a decent sleeping habit. Increasing your magnesium levels by soaking in some bath salts can have a big impact on how restful and how long your sleep is.

Bath salts

  • Reducing anxiety and stress: People who are suffering stress will most likely have low magnesium levels. Did you know magnesium blocks the action of the adrenaline in the stress hormones? It helps to calm those who are suffering from anxiety. The role of magnesium in lowering the stress levels has been proven, which is why most spas around the world will offer magnesium baths. Magnesium will help you to remain calm in this very stressful time.
  • Promoting better lung health: Having magnesium intake is connected with having better lung function and a lower risk of wheezing and airway hyperreactivity. France is often using magnesium as a natural remedy to help fight and prevent the common cold and the flu.

Even if you are self-isolating and being socially distant, you still need to be remaining calm. Adding magnesium to your body via bath salts known as Epsom bath salts is the best way to get that extra magnesium your body needs. We all forget to take supplements, and it can be annoying to take every day. Just by adding bath salts to a relaxing warm bath before bed can give your body the extra magnesium to help boost your immune system and to calm the mind during your quarantine period.

Epsom salts can be located at your local chemist, supermarket and health food stores. They are very affordable for what they can offer your mind and body.