5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Colored Contact Lenses

Colour contacts can transform your whole appearance, making your eyes look totally hypnotic. Colour-enhanced contact lenses only can darken the original colour of your eyes. Coloured lenses with this kind of tint help to enhance your natural eye colour.


Enhancement lenses help to darken the hue of your natural eye colour, as well as add definition to the edges of the iris. Equinox lenses (or Circle lenses) — These lenses feature a dark ring around your iris, which gives an understated but dramatic effect. Because the iris has a complicated structure, some coloured contacts feature a number of small coloured dots, as well as colour lines and shapes that are placed in radial patterns, which helps the lenses appear more natural on the eyes.


While there are a variety of sized colour contacts that fit most users, there are going to be occasions (such as when blinking) where the coloured part of the contract can slip slightly above the pupil. The size of the pupil in your eyes is constantly changing to fit varying lighting conditions — so at times, like in the evening, the pupils might be larger than the clear centre of the colour contacts. The larger your diameter is for colours, your eye’s IRI also appears to be noticeable.


You also lose this naturalness if the coloured portion of your lenses does not sit nicely in line with the iris. Wearing colourful contact with larger-diameter colours may cause your smaller eyes to appear more noticeable and more beautiful.


If you are fortunate enough to have a darker complexion, you cannot go wrong with matte colour lenses. This is the critical issue when choosing the best colour of eye lenses for darker skin or even olive skin complexions. Choosing the best colour and shade for your contacts depends on many things, like the colour of your eyes, your skin tone, and the effect that you want to achieve.


Choosing a colour lens pairing is not as simple as just picking a colour that appeals to you. You might have a sense of what looks best, but it might end up looking completely wrong. The good thing is you get to pick from more than just one colour set.


You can even try out a variety of different coloured lenses on each eye, and see which ones you like best when moving around in various areas of light. People can try on the different colours virtually via a site called Eye Color Studio.

coloured lenses

Depending on your priorities, choose from matte colours, drama shades, or enhancing shades. If you have dark eyes and you are looking for subtle changes, consider an opaque Hazel or Blue hue.


Colour-blended contacts feature a colour that gradually becomes more opaque from the outer edges to the middle of the lenses. These contacts help accentuate the eyes without changing colour dramatically. These lenses will not necessarily change your eye’s colour; they are nearly an alternative to glasses.


Many people wear contacts for correct vision, while others choose colourful contacts for changing their eyes look. People can opt for colourful contacts that have a natural appearance, opt for lenses that have extremely bright, eye-catching colours, or select lenses that fit with a variety of clothing and styles. A person may wish to have coloured contact lenses for a number of reasons, including changing the colour of the eyes to fit one’s personal style, or for matching a dress or costume.


While Softlens Queen sells lenses for beauty purposes, some people purchase lenses when they are bored of glasses, particularly since a colour-filled contact lens is available now in different coloured choices for eye-less. Maybe you can experiment freely with different coloured contact lenses if your destination is to go to costume parties, but if you are looking to wear a coloured contact at school or at work, then you would better pick one colour that is discreet and not too bright. This is why thousands of people are using colour contacts every day, in order to boost the colour of their eyes and get that much more attractive look.


Available in various colours, from natural colours to exotic ones, you can alter your eye’s colour and make your style statement with the right coloured contacts. Whether you are looking for a colour-filled contact or colour-enhanced contact, there are tons of awesome options out there.


If you want something that will stand out and immediately catch the eye, go with a lens that has bold colours. For an impactful look, go with coloured eye contacts that are uncharacteristic of your complexion, like tan contacts for pale skin and blonde hair, or blue contacts for olive skin. If you are an olive or darker complexion, lighter-coloured contacts would have very pronounced effects, creating a cool, glittery look that helps you stand out.


Shades such as honey, grey, and deep blue make the eyes pop, while not looking unnatural. With the right colours, you can actually have eyes that shine in concert with the tone of your skin. If you have darker skin, colourful lenses can make for a stunning new look.


In addition to your skin tone, keep an eye on the colour of your hair when choosing coloured contacts. Whatever colour you decide on, you need to know how you can properly take care of coloured lenses. Remember, treat your coloured lenses the same way as you do any other type of corrective contact lenses, and see an eye doctor for the correct prescription only.


If you would like to make subtle changes, then enhancing coloured lenses (also known as Freshlook Dimensions) might be your best bet, since they enhance the colour of your natural eyes, instead of changing them entirely. FreshLook ColorBlends are available in many colours, offering lenses that provide subtle changes that reinforce an individual’s natural eye colour as well as brighter colours. Photochromic contacts, however, are designed to decrease the brightness of the sunlight entering your eyes when it is bright – they are not designed to alter the colour of your eyes.


Seeing as how you can switch up the colour of your hair, the colour of your nails, and the colour of your lips, why not switch up your eye colour as well, especially when doing so is completely safe?