Health equipment for the bariatric

What is bariatric equipment?

The ratio of obesity in adults has been increasing at a very serious rate. People suffering from obesity have to face many health and movement issues in their daily life, and it can sometimes lead to severe injuries in patients and their caretakers. Therefore, to avoid such serious circumstances and injuries, bariatric equipment is used. Bariatric is a branch of medicine and healthcare that deals with the treatment, prevention and causes of obesity. Bariatric equipment is designed with high durability that has the capacity to handle heavier weighted and large-sized patients.


Obese patients are in need of bariatric equipment for movement. They are often suffering from many diseases, health issues and their heavy weight makes their condition worse. Bariatric equipment is very expensive, but this type of equipment is necessary for people who are suffering from obesity. Due to the increment in the ratio of obese adults, the need for this heavy-duty product has also increased.


Heavy-duty equipment for bariatric patients

It is a necessary duty for healthcare facilities to provide quality, safe, and efficient care to patients of all sizes. However, heavy patients require special care and healthcare equipment to handle them and provide them with proper care without risk. Here is some of the healthcare equipment that is used for bariatric patients:


Many people have difficulty walking as they get older, no matter whether it is because of their weak body or heavy weight. Therefore, they need support for walking. Walking products and heavy-duty walkers can help patients with walking. These walkers must have the heavy weight capability and be strongly made to provide them with safe and efficient care.


Most of the time, people suffering from obesity have severe mobility issues, and they do not have the capacity to walk. Therefore, a wheelchair does sometimes become a necessity for these patients. In this case, the bariatric wheelchair can provide the proper support and has the capacity to carry 500 to 700-pounds in weight.


These power wheelchairs are helpful for the mobility of obese individuals. The common exam tables have a low weight capacity, which is not suitable for a heavy weight person. Therefore bariatric exam tables are used for obese people and have the capacity to handle more than 800 pounds. These exam tables have functions of lowering and raising the table to help make their transfer easier from a table to a wheelchair.


The medical trapeze is used to provide a transfer safely as it has an incredible weight capacity that can hold up to 2000 pounds. These trapezes are used to bring patients into a sitting position by pulling them through the trapeze. Most of the time, the patient cannot move or adjust their position on their own, but it is important to regularly shift their position to avoid the risk of skin infections. However, the caretaker cannot often do it because it is very difficult to handle the weight of the person and it creates a risk of injury to patients and caretakers as well.


Therefore, for this purpose, transfer slides are used which are mainly designed to reposition, shift and transfer the patient in a safe and manageable way. This transfer slide has functions that make the movement and transferring of patients comfortable and easy.

The equipment used for bariatric patients is required to have a maximum weight capacity up to 1000 lbs because common equipment cannot handle the bariatric person due to their low weight capacity and strength. Various innovative healthcare equipment is used for the safety and care of bariatric patients.