What are the pros and cons of teardrop implants?

Deciding to have breast implants is certainly a big decision to make. While you are researching answers for questions that you have been wondering about for a long time, you may start considering the actual shape of breast you ultimately desire. Below is information about teardrop implants and why they could be the right option for you. 

What are Teardrop breast implants?

Teardrop breast implants are the kind of breast implant that provides a fuller lower base and a narrower upper part making them a good choice if you are looking for more natural looking breast enlargement. Teardrop implants derive their name from the pattern and shape of a teardrop. They are sometimes called shaped, anatomical, or even the nickname gummy bears. These implants contain cohesive silicone gel, which feels soft to touch, yet firm and stable to achieve the same hand feel as how natural breasts feel.

How is the procedure done?

There are several steps and things to consider when going ahead with teardrop breast implants. 

Firstly, it’s important to consider that by adding breast implants to your body you will be adding a little bit of weight to your bodies top half. It is important to be measured first and assessed if the desired size of implants is right for your body size and posture before any procedure goes ahead.

Secondly, the patient should have full knowledge of risks and common side-effects that may occur during, and after, the procedure.

Thirdly, you will need to arrange having time to recover and healing post surgery. This recovery time should also be aided through proper diet and a very gradual ease back into the activities of daily living. Exercise should also be avoided for some time.

What are the pros and cons of teardrop breast implants?

The pros:

1. It follows the natural shape of the breasts. 

The success of breast implants is usually judged by how natural they appear. Unlike the round implants that enhance breast size as well as a woman’s breast cleavage, teardrop breast implants create a much more natural breast shape. This kind of implants will give you nice sideboob like you see with those who have bigger breasts naturally. 

2. They are less likely to leak. 

One major risk when having breast implants is the possibility for the implant to burst and leak while inside the body. But since teardrop implants use silicone gel, it is unlikely to burst. What happens is that once a silicone-filled breast implant ruptures, no substance goes out of the shell. Plus, the form stays the same. 

3. Teardrop breast implants are textured. 

Each individual implant used is made up of textured shell casings. This keeps a breast implant positioned in the breast pocket which prevents it from rotating. Capsular contracture is a common risk after breast augmentation, however this complication with teardrop implants. 

teardrop implants

The cons:

1. There is still a chance that it may rotate.

Since the implant is silicone gel, it’s pretty compact and holds a shape quite firmly. However, if rotation does occur, unfortunately with teardrop implants it is quite noticeable, compared to the effect of round breast implants.

2. There is a limited choice in terms of the incision.

While other plastic surgeons can make discreet and non-existent-looking incisions, when placing implants, these teardrop breast implants can only fit through an incision under the breasts, also known as, the inframammary incision.

3. They are more expensive than other implants. 

Teardrop implants are often priced at twice the amount of saline breast implants because of their composition and the technique required to place them in the body. Geographical location also plays a role in how much you’ll be charged because of availability and how complex the surgical procedure is. 

4. A longer and more prominent scar may be expected.

Healing from inframammary incision takes more time in comparison to an incision done above the belly button (transumbilical), an incision on a stealth crease of the armpit, or an incision surrounding the nipple (periareolar). The incision is also quite obvious and having a visible scar is to be expected. Depending on a person’s ability to heal and skin elasticity, scarring may be minimal.


For any surgical procedure, there are risks to consider and side effects to be expected. Any type of breast implant may have their pros and cons to think about before preceding with the surgery. All breast surgeries aim to beautify and enhance what you are naturally blessed with. What’s important to consider is what option is safest for you, and whether you have the support and time for a healthy recovery period.