What is Gender Swaying?

When it comes to choosing the gender of your baby, there are natural techniques you can try. Gender swaying is the process of influencing the gender of your child by having certain methods, diets, factors. The factors that influence the gender of the sperm getting fertilized by the egg is based on several methods. There are two main factors that can help you increase in conceiving a particular gender; they include body chemistry and the timing of intercourse. 

Let’s start with some science: Semen is made up of the X chromosome and the Y chromosome. Conceiving a baby that is boy or girl depends on the type of sperm that meets the egg first. Studies show that male sperm is faster than the female egg and the female eggs are more resilient.

The pH environment in a woman’s vagina can influence the type of sperm that is going to reach the egg first. If you’re wondering how to have a baby girl, the best environment is an acidic one, alternatively, the best environment for a boy baby is an alkaline one. The pH can also vary throughout the monthly cycle which means timing plays a crucial role in gender swaying and manipulating the gender of the baby.

In order to have a favored gender baby, there are a lot of things that play an important role. Here are some of the techniques involved in gender swaying.

  1. The Ericsson methodNamed after the scientist who discovered this sorting method, this is one of the methods for gender swaying. Since the gender of the baby is determined by the type of sperm that merges and fertilizes the egg, this method uses weight to genetically select the sperm. The spermatozoa can be easily selected with the weight of the sperm as the X sperm has more DNA than the Y spermatozoa and due to having more DNA, the X sperm is heavier than the Y sperm. Hence the two can be sorted out. 
  2. Shettles method – Named after the biologist Landrum Shettles who developed this technique for gender swaying. This method is fully based on the time of sexual intercourse. This method says that having sex closer to the ovulation period results in conceiving a baby boy. This is because the male sperms are faster than the female sperms, and they are able to reach the egg faster. 
  3. O+12 METHOD – The O+12 method is a gender swaying method that is popular for baby girls. It says that having sex 12 hours after ovulation can help to conceive a girl baby. Hence O for the ovulation plus twelve hours.
  4. Whelan method – This is another method based on the timing of the sperm’s environmental preferences. The Whelan method says that if you want to have a boy baby you need to have sex four to six days before ovulation. But if you are trying to get conceived with a girl baby then it must be two to three days before ovulation.
  5. Alkaline or Acidic diets – The meals that you eat can greatly influence the gender of the baby. If you want a girl baby then you must eat all magnesium-rich products like leafy vegetables. Eating foods with folates will also increase your chances of having a baby girl. If you want a boy baby then you must eat food products that give you lots of energy.For conceiving a boy baby consider having alkaline foods or foods that are pretty basic.

These are some of the most common ways for gender swaying. But always remember that there are no guarantees and the most important thing, in the end, is a healthy mum and a healthy baby.